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A thingy (about fat activism) I wrote a while ago for my uni course

Here you go!

I realized one or two of the people who follow this blog might like to read it… Someone at bookforum.com’s omnivore blog seemed to enjoy it, at least (they linked the blog post here). Which makes me kind of proud, in a silly way. Even if they probably just thought “Hey, a text about fat activism would fit in nicely here. Let’s google ‘fat activism’. Here’s a thingy that seems correct enough”.

ps. Sorry for tricking you into following my blog and then not posting anything in a really long while. I’ll try to do better, though I can’t make any promises – especially since my computer is kind of crap and won’t let me type “a”, so I have to copy¬†and ctrl+v every time I want to write something people can actually read without getting a headache.


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