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Critical Writ: Where my writing is currently at


So… I haven’t been posting anything here for a while. A really long while.
I have actually been writing quite a lot recently, though, and I thought I might as well redirect any old follower who might be interested to the shared blog I currently do my thing at: Critical Writ.

Here’s the description of the blog from our website:
“Critical Writ is a collaborative blog, a way for a community of genre fiction aficionados to share their thoughts on issues of race, gender, orientation, minority rights, and environmentalism, particularly when it comes to their representation in literature, comics, games, television, and film.

Critical Writ is dedicated to fostering socially-progressive discourse on popular culture in a safe and respectful online setting.”

So if you’re a feminist who likes to think critically about pop culture – come and check us out! There’s a wide range of comics, TV shows, books and games covered, and soon we’ll get the movie section started with some thoughts on the new Ghostbusters movie (once it’s out and we’ve gotten a chance to see it that is).

Until then (or if this is the last post by me you ever read)


and have a nice day!


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Happy Bisexuality day!

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It’s Mother’s day again

Thanks mum, for being my mother. Thanks for enduring all the most boring aspects of parenthood, and the most terrifying aspects. Thanks for living through all my defiant ages. Thanks for watching all those 15+ movies with me when I was eleven, and telling me when to close my eyes during a scary scene. Thanks for listening to U2 when you were cleaning the apartment. Thanks for that time you bought the princess magazine I wouldn’t stop bugging you about, only to throw it in the trash when we got out of the store. I’m not sure if the motive was feminist or if you were just trying to show me I couldn’t pressure you into buying me stuff, but it makes quite a nice childhood anecdote. Thanks for always seeing me as, and treating me like, an individual. Finally, on a more serious note: Thanks for standing between my dad and quite a lot of potential mistakes. 

The more my dad tells me about his past and my childhood, the more I appreciate the sort of parent you were. How mature and wellbalanced you actually were, considering you had barely made it out of your teens when you had me (and especially considering I don’t think any one of those qualities came naturally to you at the time). But I’m also grateful you kept that crazy moron (which he was at the time) in my life. You sort of took on the responsibility of a single parent, without getting to make all the decisions or take all the credit. Thanks for that. Thanks for doing a lot of things without getting any credit for it and thanks for not letting that make you bitter. I think right now that’s actually one of the things I’m most grateful for, because I know bitterness can very easily be passed on through generations. Thanks for not putting that burden on me. 

Thanks for trying to keep the flaws or anxieties you do have from passing on to me. 
Thanks for letting me share them in other ways, by talking about them.
Thanks for talking to me, a lot.
Thanks for a lot.

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I have a growing suspicion that absolutely everyone has some sort of crap to deal with in their lives. Everyone has at least one thing that is not just inconvenient, difficult to work out or a bit sad – but really, really hard. The whole idea of *some people* having a rough time, and the rest just living out a carefree existence seems to me to be an illusion. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t turn out to have real pain to deal with, once I got to know them a bit. Most of them have much more of it than me, and I’m still constantly feeling sorry for myself…

I don’t really have anything wise to say about this, but I wanted to share the thought.

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A thingy (about fat activism) I wrote a while ago for my uni course

Here you go!

I realized one or two of the people who follow this blog might like to read it… Someone at’s omnivore blog seemed to enjoy it, at least (they linked the blog post here). Which makes me kind of proud, in a silly way. Even if they probably just thought “Hey, a text about fat activism would fit in nicely here. Let’s google ‘fat activism’. Here’s a thingy that seems correct enough”.

ps. Sorry for tricking you into following my blog and then not posting anything in a really long while. I’ll try to do better, though I can’t make any promises – especially since my computer is kind of crap and won’t let me type “a”, so I have to copy and ctrl+v every time I want to write something people can actually read without getting a headache.

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Sorry for disappearing. Summer and stuff.

Here’s a picture of Brooke Candy grabbing her pussy:

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Hi there diversity / More on the 12th doctor

I’m involved in a couple of discussions on the next doctor at the moment. In one of them the latest comment included: Talk of how the formula of having a male doctor has already proven itself. “I’m all for feminism, but…” Why change the gender of the doctor just for the sake of it? The creators of the show must have had a reason for not having black/female/other species than human doctors before (So I guess we should just… trust that they know what they’re doing?). And: I’m biased against white males in Doctor Who.

‘Cause I’m too lazy to write a proper post about it – here is my  copy+pasted reply:


“Why? Because hello 2013. Because hi there diversity. And somewhere far away, some sort of work towards ending sexist and all around bad depictions of women and POCs in tv shows. I’d like to welcome that. And because DW has a pretty bad track record in this area, especially considering the endless possibilities of having a diverse cast. The number of women and others who don’t fit into the white, male norm has even gone down since Davies ran the show. And I’d prefer going forwards to going backwards.

But yeah, it could rock the boat. The “formula” hasn’t proven itself, since it has never been tried before. Apart from the fact that I’m convinced it could work, and could even bring more fans to the show (I for one have stopped watching because I’m so damn tired of the same thing all over again – white guy, pretty white girl tralala) – I’d take that risk anyway. It’s one worth taking if Moffat wants to take the show into the 21st century (a bit late, but hey better late than never).

“I’m all for feminism, but…” doesn’t usually mean anything good. There’s no “but” in feminism and applying it in real life, in your working place, in the things you create. Not to me. It’s a necessity if we truly want to move forward. But I don’t want to change the gender of the doctor “just” because of the equality argument. I want the show to change. I want some fresh air breathed into the stale old formula. A change of perspective for the doctor would probably do that.

Yes, I am biased against white males for the role of the doctor, because I want something else. And everyone else is biased against that something else. The people who could see a woman in the role of the doctor, but would prefer a male one, they’re biased too. Be it as much because of the show’s earlier history as because of sexist ideas about women and men (and actresses and actors), it is still being biased.

But at least the scope of physical traits my bias is FOR is wide. Anyone who’s not white AND male is okay. That’s quite a range to pick from, don’t you think? Especially considering half of the world’s population is female.”

“Oh and yes, the writers/producers/etc have had a reason for going with white males. And that’s the reason I’m trying to fight against. It’s called kyriarchy. Patriachy, rasism, sexism. Oh so very neat how it all fits together…”

I should probably have mentioned more than sexism and racism. But I’m sick and tired (as in caugh caugh sneeze snot phlegm-sick – and therefore tired). My brain can only formulate the most basic ideas about discrimination and inequality right now.


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