Critical Writ: Where my writing is currently at


So… I haven’t been posting anything here for a while. A really long while.
I have actually been writing quite a lot recently, though, and I thought I might as well redirect any old follower who might be interested to the shared blog I currently do my thing at: Critical Writ.

Here’s the description of the blog from our website:
“Critical Writ is a collaborative blog, a way for a community of genre fiction aficionados to share their thoughts on issues of race, gender, orientation, minority rights, and environmentalism, particularly when it comes to their representation in literature, comics, games, television, and film.

Critical Writ is dedicated to fostering socially-progressive discourse on popular culture in a safe and respectful online setting.”

So if you’re a feminist who likes to think critically about pop culture – come and check us out! There’s a wide range of comics, TV shows, books and games covered, and soon we’ll get the movie section started with some thoughts on the new Ghostbusters movie (once it’s out and we’ve gotten a chance to see it that is).

Until then (or if this is the last post by me you ever read)


and have a nice day!


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