I may not have seen the last five episodes or so of Doctor Who (I mostly blame the feminist in me and the Steven Moffat in Steven Moffat for that), but I am still going to do my part in the discussions on the next Doctor. So here you go – some suggestions for actors who could play the 12th Doctor:

Joanna Lumley has actually already played the doctor once.

Helena Bonham Carter

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Lara Pulver (Just ignore the hair to the left in the picture. We don’t want that white, male hair for the twelfth doctor, now do we?)

Sophie Okonedo

Jaime Murray
Jaime Murray

Idris Elba

Ace Bhatti

Tilda Swinton

Helen Mirren

Also, even though Jenna-Louise Coleman will stay on as companion next season, I’ll drop a few suggestions for companions here as well. Because it’s fun to dream.

Jessica Brown-Findlay

Robert Sheehan

Ben Whishaw

Lenora Crichlow

Jessie Cave

Antonia Thomas

(Not that we need more white males in DW, but seeing Whishaw or Sheehan following, say Helen Mirren, around the world might be kind of  cute…)

What do you (again with the”you”) think? Any other awesome people who would be great as The Doctor, or as a companion?


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