Women who do art

A friend of mine asked me if I knew any good female artists (the kind who makes pictures). Since I’m kind of interested in art, she thought I would be a good person to ask.

I wasn’t.

Apparently the only female painter I know.

I realised I couldn’t give her a single name, except Frida Kahlo, whom she already knew (yay for us?). Even though my general knowledge of painters is pretty bad, I know a couple. Like, at least ten. But only one of them is a woman. Not cool. So I’m going to educate myself and find me some female artists. And I’m going to share them with you*. I don’t think I’ll stick to painters – some sculpturers, graphic artists, photographers, and other types of artists may pop in too.

So, eh, let’s get educated! Woop woop.

*Gotta love how I’m already referring to the people who read this blog in the blog posts, even if I probably read my posts more times than they’re read by other people.  It feels a bit like starting your diary entry with “Dear diary”. Except it’s more like starting it with “Dear reader (who is not me)”.



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5 responses to “Women who do art

  1. big Frida Kahlo fan, another great female artist to check out is Georgia O’keefe. there’s a movie on her life, its pretty interesting


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