Nighttime intruder

Last night I dreamt that a door-to-door salesman broke into my home.

When I entered the hallway he was just standing there. I think he had simply grown tired of waiting. Or perhaps he realised I wasn’t going to open the door, and took a “short-cut”. Anything to get his message across.

I was scared of him, so I pretended I didn’t know he had broken into my apartment. I was polite. I said something about a forgetful room-mate that must have left the door open. Apparently that made it okay to just walk right in. At least that’s what I was trying to make it sound like. I just wanted him to leave me alone.

Eventually he did. I don’t think I bought anything.

This dream was probably pretty literal. The man wanted to sell me something, so he broke into my apartment. While he was there I acted like he had done nothing wrong, because I had to. I had to wait for him to leave. And that’s how I feel about advertising and all the other ways companies and people try to sell me things. Unpleasant intrusions.

Did anyone else ever have a nightmare about a salesperson?



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2 responses to “Nighttime intruder

  1. Synarite

    I’m afraid the closest I’ve got is a nightmare about a giant, rampaging cereal box.


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