Facebook suxxx

A while ago, Facebook removed a illustration of a vulva, deeming it “pornographic”, and it sparked a lot of discussions about what kind of pictures are removed from Facebook, what is not removed and the views and attitudes that lie behind these decisions. Now, because of the recent removal of all links to a feminist blog post where this picture is featured, I’ve been reminded of Facebook’s stupidity and sexism, and I’m angry again. I’m too tired to explain why, though, so I will link to this excellent article with a very relevant question as its title instead: Does Facebook have a problem with women?

This article is about what Facebook chooses not to remove rather than what they do remove, but some types of pictures that have been removed are mentioned, and I think the problem becomes a lot clearer when you can compare the two aspects of how Facebook treats “questionable” content (in which category vulva cupcakes apparently belong, and pages full of photos of abused women and rape jokes definitely belong).

Hey Facey

So Facebook – You’re kind of a stupid sexist and I don’t know if I like you anymore (Did I ever? Do cocaine addicts like cocaine? I suppose so. But I still don’t like Facebook).

(If you’re wondering why I’m not linking to the above mentioned illustration, it’s because I don’t know how much better than Facebook WordPress is – apart from the sweet, sweet absence of advertisements – and I don’t want my posts here removed. That would just make me annoyed and sad.)


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