Evil Asians

I went to the movies last week, and saw a trailer for Olympus has fallen,  one of those very American movies with a president and some terrorists and some muscles. In the middle of the trailer an Asian guy (Korean according to the Wikipedia article on the movie) was introduced.  And I thought “Hey… Are they gonna… No”. But yeah. Yes. Of course they did. Of course the Asian guy did it.

Not that I really expect much from one of those movies. But I suppose some naive part of me expects just a tiny bit more than this from Hollywood in 2013.
I had this crazy idea Bond villains were only still always East European, Asian or anything-but-white-European-or-American because, well, Bond movies.

I know, I’m stupid. After all, THE WAR ON TERRORISM. Protecting your country! From foreign accents! (And something specific for Asians, which I can only assume is some sort of leftover from the cold war? Right?)

What Koreans look like when you first meet them.

What they look like after they’ve revealed their evil master plan.

Again, it’s so nice being white and Swedish and living in Sweden. If I was in a movie, I would probably not be a terrorist. Unless I looked too much like a vegan – Then they might make me a sinister animal rights activist. But apart from that…

ps. While googling the movie I found a the blog Angry Asian Man, which has more in-depth discussions (meaning they are more than brief, sarcastic commentaries) on how Asians are depicted on film and in TV series – plus other interesting stuff. Another bonus: Not told from he perspective of someone who’s “white and Swedish and living in Sweden”. You should check it out.



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3 responses to “Evil Asians

  1. I’ve been reading Angry Asian Man for years. Things are changing, however, with youtube, Jeremy Lin, and some independent films. They recently re-made Red Dawn, but changed the enemy from Russian to Chinese, but it flopped in the theaters. I’m hoping that this reflects a change of consciousness about Asians. The worst example is The Departed which is a blatant rip off of a Hong Kong film called Infernal Affairs. I think the screenwriter was feeling guilty about ripping off the screenplay without giving any credit, so he made the Asian guys the bad guys to cover his crime.
    Glad someone else notices this trend. {{{hugs]}} Kozo

    • There seems to be an endless amount of reasons to make the villains Asian. 😛

    • Sorry Kozo – The Departed is not a blatant rip-off of Infernal Affairs.
      The Departed was made in association with Media Arts the HK outfit that produced Infernal Affairs. Second – the principals of Infernal Affairs – Directors Andrew Lau & Alan Mak, and screenwriters Alan Mak and Felix Chong are given credits in the closing credits of The Departed. Plus the entire film world knew when Brad Pitt and his associates bought the rights.

      The Departed even states that it is based on Infernal Affairs.

      More accurately – you can call The Departed a remake with a relocation from Hong Kong to Boston. Was it an original idea – not at all. But to call it a blatant rip-off is not the least bit fair or accurate.


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