“Virgins” teaches us about what’s hot and what’s not

In the latest New girl episode (that I watched anyway – I’m a bit behind with my TV series watching)  the characters tell each other about the first time they had sex. It was a very informative episode. Here’s what I learned:

new girl
Not sexy
Gender equality society – not sexy. Asking each other to the prom – not sexy.
Probably simply gender equality – not sexy. Also: Verbal consent – not sexy.


new girl3

Sex with Jagger = hot, even if you’re 18 and he’s 57. Because, rock’n’roll.

new girl4
Not sexy

Surprise! Fat people = not hot sex (Apparently Elizabeth is fat). Especially when combined with lubricant – which they keep in huge jars.


new girl5
I don’t really know

I don’t think the message here is that a teenage boy making his sexual debut with a prostitute is sexy. It’s not “this is messed up” either, but something more along the lines of “haha you thought she wanted to have sex with you but she  was paid to do it”. Haha.


new girl6
Not sexy
Depressed guy can’t get it up – cries. Also incredibly off-putting. Then it turns out he’s gay. Of course.

new girl7
Fireman saves Jess from playhouse. Fireman carries Jess – because women can’t walk.  Then they have sex. Hot hot hot!


new girl8
Nick tells Jess about his first time: “…on a towel in the woods. I cried. She kept her bra on. It was nice”.


new girl2
Spontaneous man-who-knows-what-he-wants-and-goes-after-it carrying woman (again). Because in the end, that’s what straight women really want.

So… Yeah. That was the worst New girl episode ever. Message-wise it was probably one of the worst episodes of any show ever (Exaggerating for effect. Possibly). But I will keep watching the show anyway, because I’m an imperfect human being in constant need of light entertainment. Hopefully my ongoing Parks & rec-binge will wash away some of the bad taste in my mouth.



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2 responses to ““Virgins” teaches us about what’s hot and what’s not

  1. This does not sound good, maybe don’t spend any more time on it. But your “sexy-not sexy” descriptions are great. Thanks for the funny post and I vote for Parks and Rec not Virgins!


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