Pitch perfect

Needed a little light entertainment. Watched Pitch perfect. Thought it was kind
of cool that the all-girls a cappella group in the film had chosen only to perform
songs by female musicians. But then, as the group changed and improved, they
apparently gave up that principle – without discussing it. I guess it was a part of
the whole getting rid of old, badly working traditions and too strict rules about
how to do things… Or perhaps it was just laziness from the people making the
movie (Ya know, because it’s just so darn hard finding decent music made by

Either way it made me sad. I think it would have been way cooler if  they’d done
it the other way around, so that they went from covering music by men to
covering music by women. Especially considering I got the feeling they were
kind of trying to elicit a “Girl power yeaaah!” from the audience. This might
have warranted that reaction. But hey, at least we got the “Well you are a
misogynist at heart, so there’s no way you would’ve bet on these girls” from
Elizabeth Bank’s commenter character. That was rather refreshing!

And that’s what goes on in my head when I watch American comedy films.
Just kidding – usually I just swallow ’em whole.


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Filed under Feminism, Movies, Music


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