By the way, the patriarchy is dead! (Internet, men, anger)

There’s a big debate going on over here, in mah hoods (read: country) about men harassing women over the internet. In particular, men harassing women who express their opinions. And often misogynistic men who love telling feminists they probably “need” to be raped – or at least f-ed good. Maybe involving a baseball bat. And maybe the likelihood of this happening should be demonstrated by posting the woman’s address on her blog and telling her you’ve got train tickets to her home town for next week.

What’s really surprising to me – apart from how common these types of threats seem to be for well-known women who speak their minds frequently – is the debate the documentaries and articles on on this phenomenon has spurred. The discussions I’ve heard about friends having and the discussions I’ve had myself.


Because apparently, not only is it a bad idea to discuss internet threats to women as a seperate phenomenon – ya know, because who cares about stuff like sexism?  – but it’s mean to men. It paints a picture of all men as monsters. And by the way, there is no patriarchy here any more, women aren’t oppressed in the western world and being completely “rabid” and demanding all men should be decapitated… Well, yeah.
There’s that. Men proudly pronouncing they don’t harass women who speak their minds and then accusing any woman, who expresses frustration, of screaming (or crowing, apparently), and being an irrational, rabid and hysteric man-hater. But men and women aren’t treated differently when they express their opinions. Oh no.

And then there’s the complete ignorance hinted at above, when it comes to what it’s like being a woman today. Because, in case you hadn’t guessed, almost all the people me and my friends have had to have these discussions with are men. (Sorry if I’m making men look bad by telling you this.) Some men seem to really like telling women what they are and aren’t subjected to in their daily lives. You know, we might have to endure the sexual stare of some stone age man (that’s the expression that was used, true story) a Saturday night or getting paid a little bit less (again with the knowledge!), but still, that’s just minor details, and we’re basically at the finish line when it comes to gender equality. There’s not much more we can do. We should travel to Iran and defend our sisters in (real) need instead. Not complain about bullying idiots who have nothing to do with the patriarchy.

Oh and by the way, this nice guy is using his energy to fight oppression in the right places, where it’s needed. Because he’s so nice and all.

And I’m out.



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3 responses to “By the way, the patriarchy is dead! (Internet, men, anger)

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  2. Poetic-Nuisance

    Reblogged this on Poetic Warfare and commented:
    The most common tactic feminists use whenever a real man stands up and disagrees with them is to falsely accuse him of hating women.

    I have sent enough time researching issues such as Domestic Violence, Rape, Marriage, Divorce, the pay gap etc. as well as observing their actions. To know that feminists intentionally use self fulfilling studies, misquote statistics and outright lie whenever they write about these issues.

    • A couple of things:

      Have I accused any man – apart from the ones threatening women with rape – of hating women in my post? If so, it was not my intention. (I’m pretty sure the people whose comments I have described do not hate women.) I’ve had plenty of accusations of hating men when voicing my own opinions on sexism and the patriarchy, though.

      What do you mean by a “real man”, exactly?

      And why generalize so about feminists? It hardly seems likely all people of any political group (if feminists can even be considered one group in that way) would use false information when writing about politics. I also have trouble seeing what this has to do with my post.
      There are no references to studies or statistics here. I’m only describing conversations I myself have had with other people.


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