From the Wikipedia article on Mississippi Goddam:
“[Nina Simone] performed the song in front of 40,000 people at the end of one of the Selma to Montgomery marches when she and other black activists, including Sammy Davis Jr., James Baldwin and Harry Belafonte crossed police lines.”

Hey, I’ve crossed police lines too! Though I was 16, pretty oblivious, and
(as noted earlier) white and privileged. As always. I was still angry though. Almost as angry as Nina. Oh, angry Nina, you so cool.

ps. Let’s not mention the fact that Nina has said that if she’d had her way back then, she’d be a murderer. That she wanted to go down south and shoot people. Or let’s mention it so I can make clear I’m all against that kind of violence. But I sort of understand that she felt that way, and since she didn’t actually shoot anyone and was awesome in a whole bunch of other ways, I repeat: “Oh, angry Nina. You so cool.” Because she was.


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