Why so annoyed?

Why do people who make good decisions or lead healthy lives get on
people’s nerves so much?  I understand being annoyed at holier-than-thou,
self-righteous people who show a complete lack of understanding for
human flaws and mistakes. But eating healthy? Giving money to charities?
Being honest, selfless, generous or optimistic… I don’t get what it is about
these thing that make people so crazy. Bitter. Is it just envy?
Because I envy those people, all of them. But I don’t spend all my time
whining about how nowadays everybody expects you to do this and be that
and “oh it’s a cult” and “should I really have to feel bad just because I…”.
No. You don’t have to. But you seem to…
I suppose that’s it, isn’t it? Or is it something else? What is it?

If you have any thoughts on this, feel free to share. Sometimes human
behaviour seems like just one big mystery to me…


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One response to “Why so annoyed?

  1. IMHO, Same reason they crucified Jesus Christ. When someone reflects what you could be and you don’t measure up, you want to smash the mirror.


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